Kugoo - holder accessories

The package contains:

  • 2x extended nut M12
  • 2x plain nut M12
  • 2x paper mat
  • 2x large-area mat
  • 2x PPR pipe (32mm x 5.4mm) painted black to cover the threaded rod
  • 2x PPR pipe (20 x 3.4 mm) to fill the space with the rod and the outer pipe
  • 2x threaded rod M12 50cm
  • 2x Allen screws for tightening the holder M6 8cm
  • 2x M6 nut to tighten the holder

For a perfect appearance, we recommend painting PPR with paint.

Installation instructions: youtu.be/c1NhaFJ-NMg.

10 pcs in stock.

20.00 €
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